Windows 10 NVMe Commands

Finally, from Windows 10, NVM Express Admin Command passthrough interface has arrived. Windows 10 provides two IOCTLs, IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY and IOCTL_STORAGE_PROTOCOL_COMMAND. Then you would think that second one would be one-size-fits-all IOCTL, but it’s not. That one can only be used for “Vendor specific” command. Therefore, only three commands in known commands can be used. If […]

Introduce Naraeon NVMe Tools

Naraeon NVMe Tools is an open source NVMe SMART / Health Information Log Viewer on Windows. Download: Basic tab provides basic informations like Model, Speed, Status. So you can diagnose your device easily. Driver tab provides informations about storage driver. You can find the details of your storage driver without Device Manager. Critical Warning […]

Intel 750 Series’ NVMe Commands

This time, I’ll talk about Intel 750 Series’ NVM Express Admin Command. Passthrough By now(Dec 2015), there’s no official way to do NVMe Passthrough. So Intel 750 Series use the way that used by nvmewin. To try NVMe passthrough to nvmewin-like driver, see this document. Above document says \\.\scsi address is needed to passthrough. You […]