Less bothering way to use Let’s encrypt certificate on Shared Hosting

After writing last article, I found a way to semi-automate it. Required Shared hosting, that provides git, and php with at least version 5.6 (If yours doesn’t provide git, you need to directly access github page and download in zip format.) CPanel access to your hosting Procedure Access to your server with ssh. Clone acme-client […]

워드프레스 최적화하기

워드프레스를 쓰다보면, 어느 순간 속도가 쾌적하지 않음을 느끼는 순간이 온다. 그럴 때 사용할 수 있는 방법들을 소개한다. 근본적인 해결책 워드프레스 속도 문제에 대한 근본적인 해결책은 다음과 같다. “근본적”이라고 표현한 만큼 결코 작지 않은 결단을 필요로 한다. 웹 호스팅 업체를 바꾼다. 나 역시 bluehost에서 많은 고통을 받았었다. 그러나 a small orange로 바꾸고부터는 최소한 속도가 문제가 되어 […]

Install Let’s encrypt certificate on Shared Hosting (Like bluehost, a small orange)

After writing this article, I investigated more and found easier and less bothering way. Click here and check. Commonly, Let’s encrypt guides are for full-featured linux environment like local one. In shared hosting, that’s not common. Though many of them provide SSH environment, those are very limited. In this guide, it doesn’t use shared hosting’s SSH […]

Problem using Virtualbox and VMWare while running Hyper-V

On Hyper-V installed Windows, Virtualbox only run 32bit OS and VMWare is cannot be used. Because on Hyper-V the OS you using is the first virtual machine on the Hypervisor. From: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/tonyso/2009/04/02/hyper-v-how-to-understand-hyper-v-architecture/ In other words, only booting to Windows with Hyper-V means run the first VM with it. So other Hypervisor cannot be used. Related […]

How to deal with Ubuntu Internal Error on Hyper-V

Press Ctrl + Alt + F2 and press sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade sudo dpkg –configure -a then restart. From: //askubuntu.com/questions/759987/error-in-ubuntu-16-04-installation Related posts: Problem using Virtualbox and VMWare while running Hyper-V On Hyper-V installed Windows, Virtualbox only run 32bit OS and…

Cisco EasyVPN @ Windows 8/8.1/10

Small Business router like Cisco RV320 only provides EasyVPN, not Anyconnect nor QuickVPN. But it has a problem. OS above Windows 8 don’t support EasyVPN. (And it can’t be connected with cellphones. Cellphones only can connect to these routers with PPTP and IPSec. Prerequisites. SonicWALL Global VPN Client EasyVPN Client (x86 / x64) Firstly install […]

Insecure registry @ Docker Toolbox, The Easier Way

Open C:\Program Files\Docker Toolbox\start.sh and find “${DOCKER_MACHINE}” create -d Then insert –engine-insecure-registry (Registry url or ip):(Registry port) before -d Related posts: Docker Quickstart Terminal @ Hyper-V Guide This is the result. Inner window is running Hyper-V VM,… Host Docker Registry in Synology, The Working Way In most cases, you can just push your image to…