Naraeon SSD Tools internals – 5. Issue command to SATA devices (introduction)

Necessity Though NVMe devices are now widely spread, SATA devices are majority. Most of the SSDs connected with PC using SATA interface, and definitely HDDs do. To get information about them, knowledge about their language, ATAPI is mandatory. Naraeon SSD Tools implemented based on SATA, and results from other devices converted to SATA form. When […]

Naraeon SSD Tools internals – 4. Command set and Interpreting buffer

Necessity I think reason for visiting my blog is in this. Function that includes all features other than Read, Write, Open, Close, ioctl. Called DeviceIoControl in winapi. In undergraduate course, there would be only introduction about this function. I also firstly had no idea about where to find information to use ioctls. So I would write about […]

Naraeon SSD Tools internals – 3. Physical drive abstraction

Necessity Physical drives have various features. From these features, TPhysicalDrive abstracts some of them those are needed to Naraeon SSD Tools. Internally, the object just passes the request to right object. There are objects process these requests. Firstly, there is an object that issue adequate command to the bus directly(ATA, SCSI, NVMe, …).  And there is […]

컴퓨터공학과로, 일찍부터 대기업 취업 준비한 수기

이번 하반기에 삼성전자 DS부문 S직군 신입 공채에 지원하여 합격을 하게 되었다. 어찌 보면 쓰는 의미가 크게 없어 보이는 수기긴 하지만, 그래도 누군가에게 도움이 되길 바라며 쓴다. 혹자는 컴퓨터공학과가 대기업에 취업하는 게 뭐가 어렵냐고, 일찍부터 열심히 할 거면 더 어려운 것들에 도전하는 게 낫지 않냐고 할 지도 모른다. 비교가 하고 싶은 거라면 다른 곳에 가서 하시라. […]

Windows 10 NVMe Commands

Finally, from Windows 10, NVM Express Admin Command passthrough interface has arrived. Windows 10 provides two IOCTLs, IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY and IOCTL_STORAGE_PROTOCOL_COMMAND. Then you would think that second one would be one-size-fits-all IOCTL, but it’s not. That one can only be used for “Vendor specific” command. Therefore, only three commands in known commands can be used. If […]

Less bothering way to use Let’s encrypt certificate on Shared Hosting

After writing last article, I found a way to semi-automate it. Required Shared hosting, that provides git, and php with at least version 5.6 (If yours doesn’t provide git, you need to directly access github page and download in zip format.) CPanel access to your hosting Procedure Access to your server with ssh. Clone acme-client […]

이상원 교수님 데이터베이스

이상원 교수님 데이터베이스는, 부담도 상당히 적은 한 편 재밌다. 이 역시 추천 강의 중 하나로 꼽기에 부족함이 없다. 일단 과제가 적고, 그 과제들도 중간고사를 지나면 real-world usage를 다룬다. 그리 길지도 않기 때문에 간단히 해결할 수 있다. Quiz는 자주 보는 편이긴 하지만 어차피 지난 시간에 했던 내용 중 중요한 내용을 내서 어려움이 없다. 따라서 지난 시간 […]